In this modern age, web and phone screens have become a huge part of our lives! Especially with the rising trend of hybrid workspaces, our screen time slowly became our identity

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Imagine this, modern-day employees spend half of their day and the majority of their awake time in front of screens (Optometry Today, 2019). Be it from small phone screens or bigger laptop and computer monitors, our eyes must be tired. No wonder opticians are always reminding us with their dire warnings over our eye health!

Other than opticians, health experts have placed their worries because these excessive screen time are also affecting our sleep and general health. Including raised cases of insomnia, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, also neck and shoulder pain. Maybe you’ve been experiencing these symptoms but wonder where it came from (Cephalalgia 2016, JFMPC 2021).

So now that you know the main reason, what’s next?

Let’s turn the Fear in FOMO into “Joy of Missing Out”. From now on, think of it as focusing on your personal well-being and being free from technology. Start to regain the mindset of disconnecting from technology and reconnect with yourself. Deliberately assign some hours in your life to recharge and refuel your inner self, drink some coffee, or tea, or any sweet drinks of your liking! Give your eyes a break and look at pleasant things that give you a better feeling than seeing statistics and data all day.

We have a great tip for you as a starter, Jeffrey Anshel, an American optometrist, has created an easy 20/20 rule. What is that exactly?

  • So for every 20 minutes of screen time, take 20 seconds and look at an object that’s at least 20 feet (6 Meters) away! This way your eye muscles can relax and prevent yourself from a strain.
  • The next rule is to make sure your eyelids are fully closed to encourage your tear duct in producing more tears to keep your eyeballs moist and healthy.

Start doing the 20/20 rule today and you’ll see how your eyes will thank you in the future!



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