Keeping up a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a full time job can be difficult. First, knowing that lifestyle plays a major role in preventing productivity loss due to chronic disease and even fatigue can help you gain a new perspective. Adding a healthy diet plan and regular exercise to your daily routine only needs determination and a little creativity.

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Here are some easy-to-follow exercise habits for 9 am to 5 pm workers, psst…. it’s also recommended by WHO

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and do a quick 10 minutes workout.

    Apply the “start small” principle. Doing as little as 10-15 minutes morning exercise can improve health and boost energy for the day!

  2. Take walking breaks and stretching exercise at the office

    Staying active doesn’t require extra equipment – taking walking breaks with colleagues can be fun and motivational. Do 5-10 minutes stretching in between working hours. Stretching improves posture, relieves pain and aches in your body.

  3. Do some light exercise at the end of the workday

    A couple of minutes of exercise can significantly change your mood from sluggish and sleepy – to energized and invigorated. It will relieve your stress and improve your sleep quality. It’s okay to set the bar low! 15 minutes of exercise after your workday is good enough for starters. 

  4. Find a workout that you love!

    If you want to stick with your workout plan in the long term, start with an activity that you enjoy. Aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming can be an option to help ease depression. Yoga also shows benefits when it comes to mood and reduces anxiety. You can also consider weight lifting or a play team such as basketball. 

Start with something small and simple, then gradually increase the intensity. Instead of sitting in, try standing or walking around while on the phone. Sigh no more when you see a long queue in front of the elevator, take the stairs instead.

Anything is possible!!

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