Hold it, take one second and really think about what’s running through your mind right now. Any unrecognizable feelings? new profound ideas? Is there a certain mood or climate you’re feeling right now? If you’re not sure then it’s time to reckon your intellectual wellness

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Intellectual wellness is actually one of the eight dimensions of wellness that focuses more on brain health and growth. Through engaging your mind, growing your intellectual capabilities, maintaining curiosity, and developing a ‘Growth Mindset’. 

An optimal brain health and growth allows us to be more mindful, work more efficiently and effectively with greater enthusiasm, and overall healthier work culture. It is vital for both personal and professional growth.

Here are some ways to nurture your brain health at work :

1. Reading

Gather your favorite books and make a small library in the office. Refer them to your co-worker and read their recommended books. You can also hold a book club for employees.

2. Mentally-stimulating games

Games like chess, crossword puzzles, or sudoku are great forms of stress-reliever while also stimulating your brain. Making it a sporting event among employees is great for strategic thinking as well as team-building.

3. Lunch and learn session

Hold a sharing session where employees can talk about their interests or hobbies during lunch break. It exposes people to new ideas and activity, which is good for brain health. Even lunch breaks can be mentally-stimulating!

4. Stay positive!

Positive thinking is a vital element of intellectual wellness. A positive mind at work improves creativity, mood, skills, and overall brain power. Affirmations done by co-workers to each other are essential for cultivating a healthy work culture. 

A healthy and stimulated brain not only shapes you into a more well rounded person, but also a better worker and society member. Intellectual wellness does develop over the span of your lifetime but it’s never too late nor too early to start and make the changes you want in your life now

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